TRAPPED in a HOTEL for 24 HOURS Challenge! Can Spy Ninjas Survive Caught in a Hacker Escape Room?

Birt 26 sep 2020

After Chad Wild Clay made PZ9 WEARS NEW MASK & Betrays Project Zorgo Leader - Daniel Plays Hide & Seek Challenge vs Cloaker!, Vy Qwaint created VY QWAINT BETRAYED by PROJECT ZORGO! Regina Pranks Her Brother in Funny Situations to Get New Mask!, and Daniel Gizmo vlogged CAN WE SURVIVE EXTREME WEATHER Hot vs Cold Challenge? Hackers Ways To Make Spy Ninjas Fire and Icy!, we were trapped in a weather simulator room by Project Zorgo for a 24 hour overnight challenge! We went through hot and cold challenges and had to play trivia who knows me better games! It was like the hackers were doing a Lie Detector test on us! Suddenly, we got pranked or tricked which made us become defeated. We were dragged away by a mysterious person who locked us inside a hotel room. Now we must solve clues, riddles, and puzzles to discover the truth and reveal who trapped us! Is this person good or bad? Whoever it is left a Come Back Chad Song cover for us and gave us our favorite fast food! Are we at the PZ headquarters, the black pyramid? This is like an escape room or like that time we were scared inside the haunted hotel room! I hope Vy, Daniel, and Regina can help me find a way out! Thank you for watching my funny entertainment comedy vlog videos in 2020!

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  • What is up, Spy Ninjas! I need your help looking for clues how to get out of this hotel room! Comment below...

    • It was the squash

    • Can you please send me a call from my house

    • @Chillin' with Rachel 💛 j hbh

    • I’m pretty sure that was a squash this is enough I’m sorry for my voice is so so so so so because it’s for me right now but I think it really is a squad because you know how stuff aesthetic somebody was inside the room and saying the word and I think it was a hack

    • MELVIN Must did this

  • 😨😨😨😨😱😱😱

  • The clock

  • bear

  • 9:10

  • The clocks in the photos

  • The time

  • Dies who is the PC killer we need to find out who’s the crazy killer doggy don’t give up to ISprofile channel stay brave

  • Time

  • 1 H20 was missing!

  • tha colker tuck u spy ninjas?

  • Boomerang

  • The clock

  • the clock the time in tiffin

  • the clock

  • Leader of the project zorgo

  • The cloacker did all this :0

  • It wasn’t a banana

  • Yes there was a white dog dumb dumb

  • Ewwwwwwwww

  • Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwawwwwww

  • Emm

  • th cloc

  • bear

  • Chad

  • Spy

  • Up and out of town and I can get you to go get some sleep

  • Is it the red shoes

  • Hi Chad

  • Look at the clock look up at the club by nature clock is different and the other truck

  • Colck

  • And I gotta tell you something I’m not a stocker i’m just a random person watching your video because it looks it’s cool that I love your likes hoodies and hats and I sadly I can’t buy them because we don’t think we have a lot of money yet

  • Did you heard the joke what did the milky said a milky milky poor

  • The clue in the picture was the time

  • I am in a hotel room

  • Love. VQ

  • VQ

  • I. Love.

  • Ok

  • Wait no

  • The H2O has different colours

  • So do I rewind it and I saw the soaps at the beginning but at the other saw a lot so yeah that's a lie

  • Pink teddy bear

  • Please call me please

  • Love you Daniel gizmo and Chad wild clay and vy quaint and Regina ginera

  • Time

  • The time in the dog picture

  • There's gonna be something in the window and check it out but they might not but you might not see them figure out my words just do it

  • Dude go to the bathroom now you get clues

  • In the better you just saw that was clue to so fine out there clue and you know how to escape

  • Do you have to organize Stuff lotion you have to Make it in order and the teddy bear is tractor don't Have a be okay

  • I know how I saw this 1,000,000 times but but I know how to get out I would tell you after with when it's the end

  • The dog picture the clock time is different

  • There was no banana

  • Lkjkyit

  • Spy ninjas the picture of dogs the clock it’s different

  • OK restart hey Bobo call grandma they rally B being handled call ygghuhh💔💔👣🍉🌽☀️🥨🫐🌶🍓🫐🍇hub. Mm

  • Spy ninjas you are the best ISprofilers

  • That wasn't a stuffed bear that was a plushie sloth

  • That wasn't a stuffed was a stuffed sloth

  • The the eyes of that pink teddy

  • Every time I see chad He looks like kc Chad's brother

  • 5:38

  • Hi spy ninjas me and my brother are big fans❤❤

  • Mujjnkum

  • The time

  • it is the #######

  • Ec4

  • 9:15 the clock

  • Being so rude you meaning because if you’re cool doesn’t mean you are cool not you spy ninjas you’re being rude or else I will beat you up

  • I really like you I do you know you’re so pretty I am a girl so I’m in my jammies with my money and then if you are cool then you can do it in particular I love you so much guys bye

  • The clock was the friend

  • The candle was not their

  • Every thing is noo

  • Peach color chad

  • Clock bear eyes banana cups h2

  • Probably it was Melvin I remember that hand

  • I wanted the way daniel and regina will get closer and closer together

  • the pic the time is differint

  • Ll

  • Don’t being mean Chad you eat your talk about

  • It wose

  • I love you guises video I’m a huge fan

  • The clock strings are different from the one that you saw when you were in the beginning

  • Banana squise

  • There were pink ones

  • I think it was daniels gf

  • I love you ❤️💕😘

  • the clock

  • As the Kroger

  • They are the same picture

  • The time

  • Lyla6

  • The h20 things

  • Or something else

  • W P

  • That’s funny when Daniel said I was Riding a elephant lol

  • Look at the dog picture and then look at the clock😠

  • We are the ninjas forever i love you guys ❤ 💜♥ 💙 💕❤ ♥ ❤ 💜♥ 💙 💕❤ ♥ ❤ 💜♥ 💙 💕❤ ♥ ❤ 💜♥ 💙 💕❤ ♥ ❤ 💜♥ 💙 💕❤ ♥ ❤ 💜♥ 💙 💕💜💛💚🧡💕💚💚💚💛💜❤spy ninjas colors ❤💛💚💙💕❤🖤

  • Chad the food is not poisoned Melvin put the food there